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Frequently Asked Question!

Why my order is delayed?

We process your other with 2 business days and once shipped it will be delivered to you with 15-20 days according to your countries customs policies. We do share a tracking id with the customer so they can track their order online.

Is it safe to use?

We recommend to use your product according to the ‘How to Use’ section under the description. One should not consume it internally and should be kept away from children. If you have skin issues, Please consult your doctor before usage.

How can I get a refund?

If you receive a wrong product or the damaged products, please share a photo of the products within 7 days of the delivery and we will start your refund process. If your reason is not convincing, your product won’t be available for refund.

Any side effect of the product?

All our oils are naturally made and maintain the quality of the product as well. If you have any issues with aroma, skin issues, migraine etc. we request you to consult your doctor before use. There is no side effect of essential oil as such.

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